Building contractors

Whether residential or commercial building construction, you can engage Swissco Construction for a professional job. The company uses the best building materials on the market and ensures that all work is completed on time, to the highest standards and within your budget.
Complete residential and commercial building construction services
Works are completed on time and within budget
Company uses the best materials on the market
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Civil engineering

Swissco Construction is a leading civil engineering company that provides a comprehensive range of civil works. From new infrastructure development to rehabilitation of existing facilities, this company is committed to delivering projects that will stand the test of time.
Professional civil engineering services since 2011
Services to private and public sector clients
A responsive and competent team of civil engineers
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Property improvement

Are you looking for a company that offers residential and commercial property improvement services? Contact Swissco Construction today for renovations, painting, ceiling, tiling and more. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with excellent service every time.
Superior quality residential and commercial property improvement services
Transform your property into a stunning and modern home/office
Services tailored to meet your unique needs
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